Rags to Riches


One half of this property was built in 1961 and the other in 1966.

In later years, the ground floor retail space became very sort after, while the upstairs offices had difficult and uninviting access.

An upgrade was required urgently and in 2006 I was asked to wave a magic wand and modernise the development and provide easy access to the potential office suites on the upper level.

The creative solution results in providing the owners with a single, modern building with central access to upper office suites.

The process of linking the 2 buildings together provided a seamless facade and the use of reflective glass disguised the original narrow window depth.

The new, central entry stair lobby was heightened to a level above the road front parapets to allow northern sunlight to flood the stairs and adjoining corridor.

On each side of the central stair, is refurbished office space with a modern environment.

To the rear is new male and female facilities and a kitchen as part of the generous staff lounge.

Ground floor shopfront for retail space was also refurbished, giving the exterior a complete makeover.

Exterior materials consisted of Titan Board and aluminium joinery with reflective glass.

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