From Outdated to Outstanding

Discover how Baillie Architecture revitalised a classic 1970s home into a contemporary masterpiece, embracing innovation and tradition. This project showcases a striking transformation, blending expert design with architectural finesse to create a modern, welcoming space perfect for family and entertainment.

Makeover includes

  • Includes an elevator and strategic layout changes to improve flow and function.
  • The selection of aluminium and Sto Plaster claddings to suit a coastal climate.
  • Create a contemporary visual statement with a minimalist box-form facade.
  • Integration of premium finishes such as timber, marble and herringbone tiles
Renovation Design Top 100 Award 2022
Renovation Design Regional Category Award 2022
Renovation Design Gold Award 2022
architectural design for a renovation project in mount maunganui

We approached Baillie Architecture because we were impressed with their other renovation work. They were tasked with transforming our dated 1970s brick home into a stunning, contemporary abode. Situated in the sought-after locale of Mount Maunganui, just a stone’s throw from the beach, this home was redesigned to meet the needs of a family desiring a spacious yet low-maintenance dwelling. Through expert design and architectural innovation, significant challenges were overcome to deliver a home that is not only beautiful but functional and enduring.

Hear the waves. Smell the salt air.

At the heart of this extensive renovation was a commitment to preserving the home’s original footprint, a crucial aspect of maintaining existing use rights. Our multifaceted approach focused on aesthetic and structural updates to reinvent the space. We introduced strategic additions to the front and rear of the property and integrated an elevator, ensuring accessibility across levels.

The choice of materials was pivotal in our design strategy. We selected aluminium and Sto Plaster for their durability and low maintenance, which is ideal for the home’s semi-coastal setting. A minimalist box shape for the street facade was developed to make a bold statement, aligning with the client’s vision for a visually impactful yet timeless design.

The renovation began with essential remedial work, addressing the first floor’s significant levelling issues. This foundational work paved the way for the home’s comprehensive reconfiguration and recladding. The interior redesign focused on creating fluid, functional spaces that cater to everyday living and entertaining needs. Features like a double-sided fireplace with timber surround in the lounge creates an atmosphere in the dining room too, and the marble stairwell and stylish tiling elevate the home’s aesthetics and functionality.

Master Builders’ Choice: A Testament to Timeless Renovation

The transformation orchestrated by Baillie Architecture on this 1970s home illustrates the remarkable impact of innovative design and skilled craftsmanship. This renovation has redefined a previously outdated residence into a contemporary, efficient, and visually captivating family home by overcoming foundational challenges and weaving in luxury design elements. Each aspect of the project, from selecting durable materials to meticulous spatial planning, exemplifies a harmonious blend of style and practicality.

This exceptional approach has guaranteed the home’s appeal and functionality for future generations and earned it prestigious accolades, including the 2022 Regional Gold, 2022 Regional Category Winner, and a place in the 2022 Top 100 in the Master Builders Awards. These awards affirm the project’s excellence and Baillie Architecture’s commitment to creating spaces that resonate with quality and innovation.

“impressed with the attention to detail…”

“We approached Baillie Architecture to undertake a major renovation of our Mount Maunganui home. This renovation had some major challenges, but under the builder, Jamie Fairbairn’s guidance, all issues were dealt with to a very high standard. We were very impressed with the attention to detail and the high quality of workmanship throughout the whole build, which progressed in a very organised manner.

We were always consulted on any issues that arose and given good options and advice. We are delighted with the end result and would highly recommend Baillie Architecture.”

Renovation Design Master Builders Top 100 award 2022