Strata Views

An out-of-date office building in dire need of modernisation

Makeover includes

  • New modern style
  • All new cladding
  • New joinery
  • New canopies
  • New roofing

The Strata View building is a great example of how a tired existing structure can be granted a new lease on life with a well designed renovation.

A well-needed facelift

Built in 1988, this complex, multi level building was passed it’s use-by date.
The textured cladding was out-dated and the roofing was beginning to give trouble.

The basic structure is of concrete beams and columns with intermediate floors of concrete as well.
The timber framed infill walls needed attention.

The building is divided into 7 individual office suites, each one having to have it’s own external access.
These now have covered access.

The design brief was to modernise this out-dated structure which was achieved with aluminium cladding, a modern plaster system & new joinery.
New canopies were added to aid wet weather protection with louvres for sun control.

The high stepped wall, ties the building together better than before as it steps down the site